Robin Maynard-Dobbs

Robin Maynard-Dobbs

As a young child, I learned to draw from my mother who was an artist and teacher of Sumi painting. Like my mother, I would carry my sketchbook everywhere I went. I decided to pursue the arts and earned degrees in both Fine Art and Graphic Design.

After college, I spent summers as a backcountry ranger at Mount Rainier National Park where I created botanical illustrations for brochures.

My next adventure led me to spend a year living in Paris where I discovered the technique of painting on silk. When I returned to the US, I brought the silk and dyes along with me and started a business called Silk Creations. I developed my own unique style using a combination of fabric dye and airbrush. This technique created soft fluid transitions of color that were bright and luminous. My silk scarves and fine art pieces were sold across the country. As I continued to explore this medium, I found I could use these silk dyes to create vibrant effects on watercolor paper which is the what you see in my current work.

Along with Art, I became interested in health and well-being. This led me to become certified as both a Counselor and Wellness Coach. In my business, Becoming Lighter, I use mindfulness and hypnotherapy to guide women to release the burden of heavy emotions and develop a friendly partnership with their bodies. This encourages the process of “becoming lighter” on all levels; mind, spirit and body. Currently, my new artwork combines my love for painting with silk dyes with my passion to inspire healthy eating. My mission is to open up a joyful relationship to both food and our bodies.