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As an artist, I am enchanted with the color, the beauty and the grace inherent in fresh vegetables and fruit. Each one is unique…the frilly edges of lettuce, the round fuzzy skin of peach, the bright magenta of a stalk of chard and the sweet fragrance of lemon. What a dazzling display of diversity!

My passions combine to create leaping women who remind you that this is what you get when you eat these foods …you get vitality, energy and joy! This is what it looks like to get clean, whole foods into your body who thrives on this infusion of pure life force.

I am in process of finishing 3 more paintings to bring the collection of 30 to completion.

I can tell you, a better choice is more fun!

Consider the opportunity to really enjoy food, discovering for example the pleasure in one bite of a sweet, juicy peach.

A peach growing on a tree absorbs the light from the sun. The roots of the tree drink in minerals from the soil. By eating this peach, the juice magically transforms into nutrients to fuel our entire body.

Life force within fresh fruits and vegetables give us vitality, uplifting energy and the power to run our daily lives. By savoring fruits and vegetables plucked fresh from the earth, we become connected to the goodness of nature.

"Peaches" by Robin Maynard-Dobbs 9”x 12” Silk dye on watercolor paper © 2018 Robin Maynard-Dobbs